Strategic planning is a systematic process through which an organization agrees on and builds commitment among key stakeholders to priorities that are essential to its mission and are responsive to the environment.  Strategic planning guides the acquisition and allocation of resources to achieve these priorities. (Michael Allison and Jude Kaye)

Strategic planning has been referred to as a leadership tool (doing the right things) and a management tool (doing things right).  Strategic planning is not a tool to predict the future or a substitute for the judgment of leadership.

Effective strategic planning takes preparation, facilitation and execution.  McQuone Consulting provides a three-phase approach that transforms your strategic planning process from the dull to the dynamic.  The Strategic Planning Process includes the following:

  • Pre-event: data gathering (internal and external), recruitment of participants, orientation of participants to the strategic planning process, and distribution of strategic planning templates.
  • Event facilitation:  site selection and contract negotiation, event registration, on-site facilitation, and on-site summary of critical elements for the organization’s leadership
  • Post-event:  create goals and objectives, recommend strategies and tactics, develop performance measures, make assignments, establish timelines and reporting requirements, assist the leadership in monitoring the post event process for full implementation.

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