The period of time between an election and an installation is a golden opportunity to provide a comprehensive orientation program for new (and returning) officers and board members. At any given time, the officers and board members may be called upon to be ambassadors, compliance officers, policy makers, fundraisers, advocates, or managers.  Officers and board members hold positions of trust, authority and accountability.  On-the-job training does not seem fitting for these individuals.

McQuone Consulting provides customized orientation programs for new (and returning) officers and board members as part of an organization’s annual leadership retreat or as a separate, standalone program.  Topic areas include the following:

  • General Information: history, factsheets and profile of the organization; mission statement, articles of incorporation, governing documents (constitution and bylaws); strategic or operation plan; organizational charts, annual calendar of events, most recent annual report; biographical reviews of the officers, board members and staff.
  • Board Information: roster of officers, board members, committee chairs and preferred contact information; board member responsibilities (general and any assignments); committee descriptions and charges; board and committee minutes; applicable insurances (D&O, general liability).
  • Financial Information:  annual budget and most recent financial statements; sources of revenue and chart of accounts; financial operating procedures, role of the Treasurer and the Finance Committee; staff responsibilities for financial management; and most recent audit report.

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