The planned or un-planned absence of an organization’s Executive Director / CEO can be a very destabilizing event unless immediate actions are taken by the Officers to provide interim coverage by an experienced individual with executive-level knowledge, skills and experience.

It is critical to maintain the rhythm and pace of the organization and to retain the confidence of the Officers, Directors, Committee Chairs and members that everything is under control and that “business as usual” has been secured.

McQuone Consulting provides remote and on-site services, including the following:

  • Participate in meetings of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors; create summary reports (minutes), create timelines, assignments and monitor implementation of designated activities. • Assist staff and volunteers in planning meetings, educational programs, etc. with budget preparation, site selection, contract negotiations, attendee recruitment, registration, on-site management (optional) and post-event reconciliation.
  • Assist in succession planning, participate as an ad hoc member of the search committee, identify qualified candidates, and assist in an orderly transition when a replacement is acquired.
  • Succession planning services and orientation / coaching services are also available.


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